Every year we have volunteers coming to the centre from different countries – Italy, Slovenia, England, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, Zimbabwe, Japan. We would not be able to organize camps for many children groups without their help.  Volunteers are teaching English and other foreign languages; organize plays and sport activities, discos, competitions, development activities, rehabilitation. They are also helping in the kitchen and by cleaning the house, looking after small children and help during trips to the mountains.

We will be delighted for every person that comes to help. The conditions to become a volunteer are very simple. Volunteers must be over eighteen, they have to pay for their ticket to Bishkek and return. The stay must be at least for 20 days but the best would be a month stay. Organized groups of 3 to 6 people are most welcome. We prefer Catholics.  It is important to know English or Russian. Stay in the centre and travel from Bishkek is covered. Accommodation is usually in the tents. After finishing volunteering you may go for a mountain trip on your own if, you want to

If you are interested to volunteer, please contact:

Brother Damian – damiansj@wp.pl  +996-773974547

or Father Remi – director@issykcenter.kg  +996-556-613830