Activity of “Children Rehabilitation and Spirituality Centre” in village Dhenish at Issyk Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan in 2017


1-7 Protestant youth sport camp


1-9 Children from Karakol from Baptist Church (65 participants)

11-19 Foundation of Handicapped Children from Barskaun (20 participants)

Foundation of Handicapped Children from Talas (20 participants)

Children from village near Karakol from poor families (20 participants)

21-29 Orphanage Lotos from Osh (12 participants)

Orphanage from Karakol (45 participants)


1-9 Children from Social Assistance from Pokrovka (60 participants)

11-19 Children from Center “Ariet” for Handicapped from Tashbulak (24 participants)

Children from catholic parishes in Kyrgyzstan  (40 participants)  

         Spiritual retread for catholic couple (10 participants)

         Catholic youth from Kapchygai in Kazakhstan (18 participants)

21-30 Association of disabled children from Batken (20 participants)

20-25 Astronomical youth camp for Muslim  Uzbek from Suzak (50 participants) – 20 people sleeping in tents

26-31Astronomical youth camp for Muslim  Kyrgyz from Suzak  (50 participants) – 20 people sleeping in tents


1-9    Association of disabled children „Chon Ymtulu” from Bishkek (20 participants) 

Catholic youth from Kyrgyzstan (35 participants).

11-19 Association of disabled children „Meerim Bulak” from Jalal-abad (35 participants)

Association of disabled children from Barpy near Jalal-abad (15 participants)

Orphanage Kelechek from Karasuu near Osh (15 participants)

11-15 Group of protestant youth (20 participants) – sleeping in tents

21-29 Association of disabled children from Bokenbayevo (50 participants) 

         Camp with English language course for Catholic and protestant youth

(15 participants) 

Protestant from Bishkek (15 participants)


1-7 Spiritual retreat of Alfa course for Catholics from  Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan (30 participants)

10-13 Spiritual retreat for parish member from Tuz, Ivanovka and Stancya Ivanovka (12 participants)

 Also in our Centre was present other little group of Catholics (priest and lay person) as for example member of Arche  Society from Tomsk in Siberia   working with handicapped people.

We had 9 volunteers from Polish and British Jesuit Mission office (including one seminarian. 5 others volunteers from Poland and USA). Five priest and fours sister was involved and many volunteers from Kyrgyzstan.

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